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. he got him looking and the giants have won it all. >> with that it was one giant's sweep? detroit. your san francisco giants take home the world series title in only four games. >> san francisco civic center plaza come as live as fans celebrate the giant's second world series win in three
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years. >> and celebratory champagne awaited while the giants toast another world series title. >> good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. the san francisco giants are now world series champions after beating the detroit tigers in just four games. >> again, the 2-2 pitch. got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> that last out sealed the deal as san francisco fans across the bay area went wild. we have live team coverage with crews throughout the bay area and in detroit. but we begin with ktvu's lorraine blanco live in san francisco where fans packed civic center plaza tonight. lorrain. >> reporter: hi, people were out here tonight. there were 10,000 people earlier and now you can see there are hundreds of people having a great time. just a few minutes ago we saw about half a dozen squad cars take off very quickly in the
11:34 pm
direction of at&t park. so we're going to check on that. but the fans have gotten just a little wild out here. of course they are having a great time. they watched their team win the world series on a huge jumbotron screen right in front of city hall. tonight the city is still aglow in orange and people are having a great time. sweep! sweep! sweep! >> reporter: you can hear them chanting sweep! sweep! and the party continues in san francisco lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news [ applause ] >> this was the scene outside the at&t park when the scene exploded after the game. fans were showing off their brooms and new world series t- shirts. our crew at at&t park says the
11:35 pm
party there shows no signs of slowing down. world series exuberance is getting out of hand at 7th and market streets in san francisco. a ktvu photographer took pictures of people jumping on top of a muni bus. we showed you pictures a short time did ago from news chopper 2. there is apparently one terrified person inside the bus trying to make a phone call. a viewer sent us video of a vehicle flipped over. this is the kind of activity that will keep police busy and lead to some arrests. we want to take a look and relive how we got it here with our sports director mark ibaƱez throughout the series the giants really had to t-going for him. >> the x-factor just the chemistry of the team. before the series started i think every expert on every panel you cared to watch or the cable stations had the giants going down in four, five games
11:36 pm
in the series and they almost had it directly reversed. they had the chemistry over the cash and let's take a look at some of the early inning highlights. first of all, the trophy that will soon be theirs came about this way. in the 2nd, brandon belt, who was 0-10 just clobbers one to right with hunter pence on 2nd. pence roars around for a 1-0 lead. matt cain soon surrendered that. to the top of the 6th, butcher poses homers to give the giants the 3-2 lead and buster posey himself had been in quite a slump, but not so much on that particular swing and then the 3- 3 ballgame. two-out hit, who else,
11:37 pm
marco scutaro. ryan theriot scores what proved to be the winning run, because sergio romo a 1-2-39th including getting the triple crown winner miguel cabrera to look at strike 3. romo flawless in the postseason doing it all. a 4-3, 10-inning win to polish off a perfect 4-game sweep and dwights finish off the postseason winning their last seven games as they fought off elimination six times to get here and there is your mvp. very deservedly, so pablo sandoval, hitting .500 in the world series including the three home runs against justin verlander and everybody agrees that was the real turning point, beating the tiger ace and setting the tone. tigers looked down-and-out from that point on. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, mark and the big welcome home will take place
11:38 pm
wednesday with a victory parade in san francisco. ticker ticket parade will begin at 11:00 a.m. and continue up market street to civic center plaza. san francisco player mayor ed lee says it was another amazing victory and the city can't wait to celebrate with the 2012 world series giants. further details are forthcoming on the big parade wednesday. the fans will be up for the parade, but will the sun? ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo joins us for wednesday's forecast, parade day. >> the weather pattern will be changing by wednesday and, in fact, fast-forward to wednesday morning, midnight you can sigh cloud cover on the increase. i'm watching rf you will to our north, but it's dry wednesday morning at 7:00. probably the key will be lots of cloud cover. not a big deal. showers tours north that will eventually move in as we head into wednesday evening. but for the parade, least at this point, it should be just fine. in fact, here is a look at the parade route going on market
11:39 pm
street. and the forecast for 11:00 in san francisco, a lot of excitement, 11:00, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures on other side of 60 degrees. right around 59-62. did news looks like most of the rainfall holds off until late- afternoon into the evening hours with just cloud cover and mild conditions. thank you, mark. maybe we can squeeze that parade in before the rain showers move in. the party is just getting started in the city's marina district. ktvu's john sasaki joins us live from chestnut street. >> reporter: to quote yogi berra, this is deja vu all over again. this place is going mad. i want to point out all of these people who are throwing beer and champagne and dancing around with brooms because of the sweep. what happened this time is different than last time. if you can pan over the other
11:40 pm
way, over there. someone actually brought out a big sound still on a pickup truck and there are spontaneous dance party going on in the middle of the streets. you are a big giant's fan? >> i am. >> what is your name? >> monica. >> reporter: tell me what this feels like to win the second world series in three years? >> everyone is saying two years ago and it's great to be back here and welcome the giants back to san francisco. >> reporter: what brought you out here to chestnut? >> everything. you know? all the fans. >> reporter: i don't know if you guys can hear me now, but thank you, monica. on a personal note i have to tell you that my car is parked right behind the pickup truck. so i don't know if it's actually going to survive this mob out here right now. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, kutv channel 2 news. seems like all over the
11:41 pm
city now from civic center plaza, outside of at&t park, marina district, fans are going crazy over the world series win. our coverage continues for you folks on-line at and click on "the world series" tab. a police officer kind of going in and out at night. >> it's a story you will see only on 2, the action of island police officers that have neighbors of one business asking questions. >> developing news for you out of san josi, where there are reports of a firefighter down at a structure fire. and we want to show you and we want to show you live pictures from
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. more live coverage of the celebrations taking place in san francisco after the san francisco giants swept the world series just a short time ago. these are live pictures coming to us from news chopper 2. this is the in area not far from at&t park and, in fact, about a block away from at&t park. that is at 3rd and townsend street. now you are looking at the large crowd that is gathered outside of at&t parkment you can also see police there. lots of people dried in orange and black. can you also see them just gathering there. we have received some reports though of in some cars being toppled over and also the fans actually getting on top of
11:44 pm
vehicles. we do know from our crews there on the scene that there is a police presence here, but of course a lot of celebrating taking place tonight in san francisco. you are also looking at, i believe, ken, correct me if i'm wrong, but the dugout store is there and a lot of people hoping to grab world series gear. >> that is the intersection of 3rd and king street and muni trains run through that area and obviously they are stopped like non-gaap. muni trains can not get through that intersection, so something is to consider if you have plans on using mass transit in a part of city. we're also follow something developing news for you outside of san josi. that is where there are reports that a firefighter has been injured while battling a blaze. robert handa with the latest heather, you can see that we're at a
11:45 pm
very hectic fire situation here in east san josi. now we're at murtha drive where the fire was reported about 8:30 p.m. a 3-alarm fire has been raging inside. at least one house inside this neighborhood and we have been told a firefighter was injured. many of the people who live here say they were watching the world series, then one neighbor saw names. >> i went out and there is a this big old flame and i went oh, my god and went in the house and told my husband and kids to get out, there is a fire; right? and i went to my neighbors and said fire, fire and i went to my other neighbors saying fire, fire. it was really scary, because we didn't know. we got the water hose and started to water the yard. >> reporter: how bad was the fire? >> the flames were pretty high up there. >> reporter: and it did go for quite a while, but that fire is now under control. we were told that the injured firefighter was taken to the hospital and he understand he is suffering from a medical complaint, but it's not a life-
11:46 pm
threatening injury. we'll give you more detail as they become available. live in san josi, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. some members of oakland police department have taken an unusual interest in a private room karaoke bar, a place where they stay they are doing nothing wrong, but neighbors worry could be involved in prostitution. ktvu first investigated the business after discovering that a port of oakland official was reimbursed for spending money there. eric rasmussen with new video raising questions about what oakland police officers are doing on the clock. >> reporter: over four nights we walked the same scene play out at cafe juliet on 14th street in midtown oakland. each night our camera recorded women in skimpy clothing filing into the downstairs business that bills itself as a private room karaoke bar. a minivan dropped off as many as seven women at the time. >> reporter:
11:47 pm
this neighbor and others say the scene we observed has been going on for years, but she told us it's not just the women and mostly male clientele that have her concerned. >> we have seen a police officer kind of go in and out, sometimes night, sometimes there is a police car parked out here for hours. >> reporter: on our first inside outside of the bar a marked oakland police cruiser parked in front of us and we watched sergeant young go inside. shortly after he left the women began to arrive. the next night young's cruiser was back again, but another uniformed over parked and went inside. this officer made two visits to cafe juliet and the second lasted 27 minutes. as soon as he left just before midnight, sergeant young returned. on his third pass of the night young drove through the parking lot next to cafe juliet using his spotlight on the cars just as we saw him do the night
11:48 pm
before. pardon me serg, eric with channel 2, quick question, cafiality. >> yeah, what about it? >> reporter: why you are there night after night? >> because my friend works there. >> reporter: sergeant young spoke to us outside of police headquarters. >> are you doing this as a favor to your friend? >> no, no. i said my friend works there. works there, not owner, not anything else. >> reporter: is that the reason you are giving this, what seems to be a lot of your time? >> i only go when i'm off and stay there. >> reporter: young offered a different explanation when we told him about our video of him visiting the bar in uniform during his shift. >> well, when i am working i do security checks there. because what happens is that -- can we talk off-camera. >> reporter: he said he couldn't elaborate because of an investigation, but young insists there is nothing illegal happening inside cafe juliet. i had a regular tell me flat out you can get girls here. does that concern you to hear
11:49 pm
that? >> no, that is completely untrue. well, i can't say because i don't follow those people home. >> reporter: can you tell us what kind of business is being run here? we found the bar's manager, john, out front. what about all the girls that we see come in here every night? >> do you see any girl coming in right now? >> reporter: we have seen girls coming in. >> any police officer as you and i know what is going obin there and it's not singing karaoke. >> reporter: charles plummer says the oakland police department should be questioning what his officers are doing. >> i would start an immediate investigation, absolutely, right now. >> reporter: plummer with more than 50 years in law enforcement doesn't believe we stumbled into an ongoing investigation. >> if they were checking on this police, it won't be in uniform. it would be plain colonials people. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan says she expected police chief howard jordan will investigate. >> if he has this information, he will investigate it and i
11:50 pm
have confidence that if there is any misconduct, that he will dot right thing. >> reporter: so far, chief jordan has not responded to our repeated requests to interview him, officer ko or anyone with the department's command staff. in oakland, eric rasmussen ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating a deadly shooting in front of the broken wheel cocktail lounge. investigators say the male victim was shot several times and rushed to souvenir delta hospital, where he later died. the victim's name has not been release. in san leandro, two people were injured after someone opened fire outside of a halloween party. the violence broke out before 2:30 a.m. on marina boulevard of the owner says he was hosting party for about a hundred of his friends and says a group showed up and started a fight and then shots rang out. two hayward men were taken to the hospital with non-life
11:51 pm
threatening round. fairfield police have investigate the death of a man shot in his driveway. police say they were called to oceanic court around 3:00 this morning and when they arrived they say they found the 30-year- old man suffering from least one gunshot wound. as we taken hot hospital where he later died. neighbors told police they heard a loud argument and then gunfire. anyone with information is asked to call fairfield police. it's very scary. there is a lot of kids around. it's just getting worse. >> well, no arrest have been made, but police believe that this homicide is gang-related and are watching for more outbreaks of violence. the city's 39th homicide matches the total to from all in san josi of 2011. a large and structive four-
11:52 pm
alarm fire in the south bay this morning left 12 people without a home. the fire damaged five townhouses on creekside drive near cropley avenue in san josi. firefighters say they were called to the scene around 7:30 this manager and say the fire appeared to start had in a garage and quickly spread to the homes about two feet away. one woman said she was putting her coffee on and looked out the window. >> i saw tons of smoke and i ran outside barefoot and pajamas and banging on doors to get people out of units. >> neighbors credit firefighters with their quick response from keeping the fire from causing even more damage. the cause of the fire has not been determined, but it has been ruled accidental. the world series celebration tonight stretch beyond san francisco. coming up next we'll go to the south bay where
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
. in union city tonight workers at vf license sports group are working through the night to get those 2012 world series championship shirts ready for giant fans. workers are make the black-and- white t-shirts that the giants they haves will wear duration the victory parade on wednesday. there are many t-shirt printing shops working to fill those world series orders and there
11:55 pm
is no doubt they will work for days maybe even weeks to come. our team coverage of the world series sweep continues now in detroit, where ktvu's debora villalon is live from the motor city. debora. >> reporter: ken, it's almost 2:00 a.m. and 42 degrees. the interviews, the final interviews are wrapping up and they are going to pack up this world series pretty shortly. but let's take a look at that scoreboard one last time and you see it, 4-3. the sweep complete. the world series come back home to san francisco. and i want oshow you the fans that were here tonight, because there were thousands, thousands of screaming giant fans. they came down above the giant's dugout after the game and they just shared the love for as long as they could. shouting at the players, cheering them, chanting for pablo sandoval who was carrying the trophy around and they
11:56 pm
loved it. matt cain got an amazing response. bruce bochy waved his hat a.m. at them. they were just so thrilled with the outcome. people in the stands thinking it might go to another game, but it didn't. we talked to some of the fans in last few minutes before security had everybody leave. let's hear the fans. >> i mean, i don't even know what to say right now. it's a blessing from above. i have to thank god for this. just for the opportunity to be in the world series and now that we won it, i mean, i can't ask for anything better than this. >> reporter: with this world series was one game shorter than the last and a whole lot colder. some 20 degrees
11:57 pm
colder, but the giants were red- hot. >> thank you debora. >> some very dedicated giant fans in detroit. back in the bay area,giant fans celebrating right now. they are also doing some celebrating in the city's mission district. ktvu's amber lee is live there with the wild street party underway there. amber. >> reporter: heather, we can't help, but share in the excitement of these giant fans. take a look at what is going on. the crowd is large, loud and enthusiastic, but for the most part we haven't seen them cause trouble. dancing in the streets and people spilled on the streets as soon as the game ended. whoo! >> reporter: fans set off fireworks and people danced in streets and uses their vehicles for unofficial victory parades and popped open champagne and used brooms and other props to show their appreciation for the
11:58 pm
giants. >> it was amazing. i never thought we would sweep. >> i'm very excited. this is the first time i have seen them win. >> the city is going crazy. >> i feel this is just one city everybody is coming to the. it's just like the most fun and we're all out here for the giants. it's amazing. >> we're so dedicated as a team and we have had so much energy put into it. >> reporter: back here live, we can see that the giant fans are beyond excited. i checked in with police a few minutes ago and they say crowds are also growing in other parts of city and of course, we'll continue to monitor the situation all over the city for you. reporting live in san francisco's mission district, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. [ applause ] >> this was the scene in san josi tonight. plenty of excitement, and enthusiasm when the giants completed that four-game sweep
11:59 pm
of the tigers tonight. fans we ran into said they can't wait until the giants return home to the bay area with many of them planning to head to san francisco to take part in the big victory parade coming up on wednesday. in north beach a [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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. giant fans were spread out all over state trooper to watch today's big game. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in the city's north beach area where fans are out enforce. >> reporter: ken, we have been here to catch all of the action. this entire intersection was filled with folks. live at green and stockton, you can hear there are fans with brooms. i'm telling you, the celebration is not over here. at the end of green is there,
12:02 am
is even a huge crowd at grant. this is where they were popping champagne and fireworks were being set off. i want you to take a look at video, screams erupted from the crowd at o'riley's irish pub. and that celebration almost immediately spilled out into the streets tonight. we are the champions played next door, everyone was jumping up and down and then my photojournalist jake and i ran outside after hearing fireworks and we saw some pretty impressive displays will light up the night ski. we heard all kinds of honking and yelling. by 9:00, just about an hour and a half ago, it was a street party with revelers blocking the streets at green and grant. the entire street was blocked off i. by 9:30 some were
12:03 am
lighting off fireworks. people were pouring into the streets. listen to what a few diehard giant fans had to say after the giants clinches the world series championship. >> we did it! we did it! we came from from from nowhere and won twice in three years. we were loses, we were winning and we were losing and then winning and finely won it. >> reporter: that 14-year-old you heard from said he is excited to attend the homecoming parade. he and his dad attended in 2010 and he is not about to miss it this year. we have seen a police presence and, in fact, we say police officer make sure that all of the drivers keep going through the intersection. because a lot of them had stopped in the middle of street and shooting "go giants." we haven't seen any fires or anybody jumping on cars. everybody has been pretty respectful and just a lot of people coming to the streets
12:04 am
and yell negro team. so excited tonight, a lot of pride. reporting live from north beach, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. other news to tell you about beach as along the east coast are getting pummeled by high wind and surf aeast impending mega-storm hurricane sandism the storm is expected to affect 60 million people, some of the people are working to board up windows and collect sand he bags. speaking from fema headquarters president obama said that residents need to take the storm seriously and follow instructions from local officials. the storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow. hurricane sandy is wrecking travel plans along the mid- atlantic for every form of transportation. thoughts of flights are expected to be canceled across the country tomorrow. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar tells us how the storm is
12:05 am
affecting bay area airports fox for tens of thousands of travelers stranded by sandy it's a waiting game. >> right now our best guess is that san francisco we're going to cancel about 55 flights. there will be all of the flights canceled for tomorrow. >> reporter: sfo's united terminal the major complaint lack of information. >> they originally told me that all flights were caused until thursday. i was out here for a convention. so hoping to rebook and get back as soon as i can. >> with all the technology that we have nowadays, where i get an automated call telling me i need to check in. there is no reason to i can't get an automated call to say your flight has been delayed or canceled. >> reporter: for all of these people who have been waiting here for hours and hours, only two agents to serve them. >> i imagine that the managers behind the desk are not coming out to help and i don't take it out on the people here working.
12:06 am
it's the upper-level management not doing them their jobs. management is putting them at non-storm airports where there are not enough gates for them. >> we're making arrangements to mark the aircrafts tetchily and we're allocated some of our less used taxiways to park airplanes so we have places for the airlines to use. >> reporter: bay area-wide more than 60 flights are canceled more more likely to come. i'm consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. hawai'i is returning to normal tonight after a tsunami advisory prompted by that powerful earthquake off the canadian cost. the 7.7 earthquake led hawaiian officials to order evacuations and the coast guard to order ships out of honolulu harbor. the waves rolled in as predicted, but they were much smaller than predicted. largest about 2.5' hit the shores of maui. the tsunami alerts were canceled without any reports of injury or damage. here in california a earthquake rattled parts of southland, the u.s.g.s. reports that quake had a
12:07 am
magnitude of .39 and hit at:24. about five miles from the city of santa clarita in northern los angeles county. experts say the quake took place at a depth of 8.7 miles beneath the surface of the earth. we're going to ache look at bay areaweather with meteorologist mark tamayo, but check where hurricane sandy is. >> hurricane sandy is just one part of the storm, but another system, which is a complex, which is why we're call taking superstorm. hurricane sandy a category 1 with winds of 70 miles per hour. you can pick out the circulation. we can show you, this the current position about 280 miles east of cape hatteras as we take a closer inspection and already the rainbands beginning to push onshore. still center out in the atlantic, but that will be changing as we head into late monday and tuesday. so here is the overall setup. we have the hurricane with winds of 00 miles per hour,
12:08 am
moving to the north at 13, beginning to make that turn we have the cool weather -- cold weather system and both will combine to produce excessive rainfall, extreme rainfall rates and very strong winds and of course, the significant snow and also the high seas. so here is the forecast track. late tomorrow night into tuesday, this storm weakens into a tropical storm in adepression and moves onshore and nopes the energy of that cold weather system. so the result with rainfall very excessive. the bright yellows and reds correspond to 7-9" right around the periphery, 2-3, 3-6 inch in parts of pennsylvania. so it will be the big concern with the bright yellows and reds. also a key concern is the winds. here is the wind forecast model. here is the circulation beginning to move onshore.
12:09 am
tomorrow look at these projected wind gusts around 62 miles per hour. new york city. philadelphia, right around 55 and still up there for monday night into tuesday. might be backing off just a little bit, but that will aid as far as cause something power issues for that part of the country. so we'll keep an eye on that back in the bay area, a completely different story. lots of sunshine, except for some fog coastside. san josi 76 and morgan hill about 80 degrees. forthe extended forecast, more cooling and we're tracking rain chances just in time for the trick-or-treaters on halloween. as far as overnight lows, patchy fog coastside and maybe a few into the bay and temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s of high pressure was in command of our weather and beginning to relax a little bit. s that weather system moving in from the forming in and west, temperatures cooling off for tuesday, but the real cooling moves in wednesday into
12:10 am
thursday as this cold front moves in. that will also brick in the threat of some rain. here is our forecast model. we're showing you some cloud cover tomorrow morning and then skies becoming partly cloudy. we'll take this into tuesday. pretty much the same story, but here we go into wednesday. starting out dry, but increase clouds into the afternoon hours. wednesday late-afternoon into the evening hours we could be tracking rain in the north bay and gradually spreading to the south. something we'll be watching over the next go to three days. temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 70s. danville, 76 degrees, oakland 71. these numbers coming down 3-6 degrees from today's very warm readings. fog coastside. here is a look ahead your five- day-forecast and you will notice this, temperature's little cooler tuesday. there we go with the trick-or- treat forecast. we'll have to keep an eye on the rain chances increasing. maybe a leftover shower slight chance thursday morning with your weekend always in view, more sunshine and temperatures
12:11 am
warming back up. get ready for the rainfall. looks like it will be after the giant's parade. we'll keep an eye on that wednesday. bring an umbrella just in case. >> an orange and black one. >> there will be lots of cheering and excitement. >> just wear a giant as. >> yes. thank you, mark. thank you, mark. we're going to be stayin [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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. san francisco giants are baseball world series champions and what would be the highly unlikely outcourtroom, the giants capped six straight wins in elimination games and followed it with four straight in the world series. this is what they were playing for in game 4, the first time the trophy could be potentially sent home to its now home. it was matt cain on the mound for the giants trying to nail it down tonight and striking out prince fielder to end the 1st with miguel cabrera on at 1st base. in the 2nd, the giants got something going against detroit's scherzer. belt goes all the way to 3rd, but he was stranded there. by the 3rd inning there was a
12:14 am
stiff wind blowing out to right field. cabrera took advantage of it when he hit at first look like aroutine fly ball and it continued carry for a two-run hotigers their first lead of the series at 2- 1. in the 6th, buster posey was mostly a quiet man during the series, but lifted this drive to left with marco scutaro in front of him. 3-2 giants heading to the bottom of the inning. again the tigers took advantage of the stiff wind to right. tigers get it back even at 3-3. it became a bullpen game in the late innings. jeremy affeldt on for the giants in the 8th and striking out cabrera, fielder, and young. they went to the 10th and is it any surprise that scutaro got it done again? mr. clutch since his acquisition singles in front of austin jackson. here comes theriot, who opened the inning with a single offer
12:15 am
phil coke and the giants can smell the finish line. 's is done the entire postseason, sergio romo was money in the 9th, striking out cabrera, looking. and then the giants can celebrate the 7th world championship in franchise history, the second in san francisco and the second in three years. the trophy is heading to san francisco as the celebration in the clubhouse began after they were on the field and it was also announced that pablo sandoval who made world series history with three home runs in game 1 was the series mvp. it takes ten innings, but the giants get it down 4-3 to complete the first sweep in franchise history since the team took four from the cleveland indians in 1954. fred inglis is with us live from detroit and fred, this was the first game in which the tigers led and it felt like they had a chance late in the game, but again, the combines just had that? extra. >> reporter:
12:16 am
they have a lot of tools here. you talk about pablo sand val, but how the national league championship series mvp. that would be marco scutaro, who is a consumate pro, and plays this game the right way. marco came into game 4 of the world series batting 2 for 12, but today, he hustled and scored on posey's hit and the guy they call blockbuster comes through in the 10th when they needed it the most. >> i'm just excited! i mean, i don't even know what to say right now. it's a blessing from above. i have to thank god for this. just for the opportunity to be in the world series, and now that we won it, i mean, i can't ask for anything better than this. >> we made pitches and our pipeline stepped up. we didn't use a whole lot in the series, but what we got used man we made sure we did some damage. >> reporter: how would you compare this to
12:17 am
20102010 was any first victory with a ring and i will never forget that one. this was an amazing run. winning nine total in a row. what an awesome deal. the way these guys came back and not giving up and eventually winning it. and this time going up two games and then 3-0 and then winning it four games to nothing. it's such a surreal moment. it's a world series that will never be forgettable. what a combination of everybody doing their job. >> i'm numb, really. the fact that we have won two world serieses in the last three years, it doesn't sink in right now. i'm kind of speechless on that. >> reporter: it was the bullpen. it was depth, it was the
12:18 am
starting line-up that really made the difference in this series swept. seven of the nine offensive starters in today's the game was not on the 2010 season. tells you how much things turn over around here. i can honestly say that the coldest football game i after a tended was tonight's game 4 of the world series. but it was fascinating. it was dramatic. and it was well worth it as the giants now go home with that world series championship. reporting live in comerica park in detroit, fred inglis ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, fred. two world serieses in three years. it's getting to be a regular th
12:19 am
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. kansas city's kansas city's arrowhead stadium -- raiders with the 13-6 lead into the locker room. palmer trouhis second touchdown pass to darrius heyward-bey turns into a touchdown. he does the rest to the end zone. 26-9 with the chiefs trying to get back into it in the 4th quarter. matt cassel picked off by lee. the first road win for the raiders since they beat the chiefs last december. they have now made it six in a row at arrowhead. 26-16 the final, 3-4, oakland is one game out of a first place. palmer has barely been in oakland a year, but he is got a feel for how thing goes in the afc west. >> you talk about chiefs and raiders, you can't rely on
12:22 am
strikes. you know you are going to get a good shot from them and coming off a bye-week, there were a number of things that you have to factor into a rivalry game like this. we have great respect for that defense and especially that defensive coaching staff. >> we kept battling and we kept fighting. that was a proud group and they are banged up pretty good right now, but i was proud of the way that they competed four quarters today and i thought they played well. >> the 49ers should be well- rested when they take an arizona tomorrow night in the desert. san francisco will be playing for the first time in ten days and will have a chance to move into first play by two games. >> rams and patriots had london duty this week. the brits on offensive displayply new england tom brady and gronkowski with a tribute to the guards at buckingham palace. . matthew stanford and the
12:23 am
lions looking to get on track against the seahawks in seattle. stanford stafford throws the strike. stafford to young again, lions pull out the win and seahawks record is even at 4-4. >> matt ryan and the falcons in uncharted territory. they are still proximate ryan fires long for julio jones for the touchdown pass. the falcons handled the eagles 30-17 of, atlantic 7-0, philly, 3-4, tony romo up and in the cowboys in a very strange game against the giants. jason pierre-paul takes off to the end zone. new york was a 23-0 with the 2nd quarter lead and the cowboys scored 24 straight. final seconds now, romo finds dez bryant in the back of the end zone from 37 yard out. looks like the cowboys have
12:24 am
won, but the play is interviewed. on the replay they see bryant got his hand down first out-of- bounds before his body came down inbounds. it's ruled incomplete. steelers today donning 1934 throwback unis that made thimlook like giant bumble bees and had to be a play-by-play announcers nightmare. they took this one 27-12. just three races left in nascar's race cup. with 15 laps to go in martinsville, jimmie johnson took the lead. johnson would hold off kyle busch to win on this track for the seventh time in his career and takes over the points lead over brad keselowski. >> here are the candidates for
12:25 am
high school game of the week. vote for the game you want to see by going to and clicking on "high school sports." >> we'll announce the winner on thursday and see you under the lights on friday night. that is it for this sunday night edition of sportswrap. enjoy that world championship. you never know how long it will be until you get your next one. >> maybe next year. >> two in three years. >> i'm pushing it a little bit [ laughter ] >> what the heck? get greedy a. a lot of people will take away pablo sandoval's performance. anything else that sticks out with you? >> marco scutaro. he was clutch. it was the season in which they had to make adjustments. they lost melky cabrera and they pretty much remade the team and they stepped up and won it all. >> awesome job. >> we want to go to chopper 2, we understand that fire is on
12:26 am
mission street itself. we're not exactly clear on the cross street, but we have had reports of different fires, bonfires burning at locations on 19th, and mission, and also 23rd and mission. there may have been more than one fire, but obviously there is this one that is burning now with a crowd gathered around:this is the kind of thing that is causing a spectacle and obviously having an impact on traffic, but it is just burning in the street. we don't see any firefighters on the scene. it looks like a pretty good- sized fire at this point and we have been seeing reports on twitter and so on of people throwing paint cans in the bonfires, which of course causes explosions and only adds to potential for injury in a situation like that. from the wide picture you can see there there are a couple hundred for more that are gathered around this. this is all part of the kind of strange downside to the celebrations that we see sometimes when something great happens for a sports franchise
12:27 am
and a lot of reason to be proud of your city and the community. this kind of celebration kind of takes away from that. >> it certainly does and we'll of course be monitoring the situation for you. these shots from news chopper 2 of the situation taking place on mission street, 19th, perhaps 23rd as ken mentioned. a pretty significant bonfire right there in the middle of the street. traffic at a standstill. the intersection blocked. we have been seeing people -- we have been watching people throw different items inside and just fueling this fire right here in the middle of the street in celebration of the giant's victory, world series championship title, but of course a lot of concern that something like this could get out of hand. >> we ever also been monitoring reports and in fact, we showed you video earlier tonight of activity at market and 17th where people were climbing on top of a muni bus and a car was flipped over there as well. but as we can see from this
12:28 am
picture looks like the fire burning down. >> we want to stay in san francisco and continuing our coverage of the san francisco giant's clinch of the world series satellite. we want to head over to john sasaki, live in the marina district, well, i see the folks right behind you john, now crowded into the streets. >> reporter: hey, heather, it's still going on and it's going to be going on for quite a while. you can see it's quite the scene out here. i have talked to quite a few people who were here two years ago. i was here two years ago and it does seem quite a bit more rowdy than it was two years ago. a lot of fireworks going off, including this big piece of fireworks, launching up into the sky, lighting up the nighttime sky as well. i want to tell you really quick that we were in the republic bar at scott and lombard at the end of the game, when sergio
12:29 am
romo locked down the championship for the giants, and go ahead and take a listen. >> go romo! yay! whoo! yeah! [ applause ] >> we are are the champions! . >> reporter: certainly one of the best recommendions of "we are the champions," by queen that san franciscos have ever been experienced and they sang the theme song from two years ago, "don't stop living." by journey. one of the nights that we'll remember and many san franciscans and people around the bay area will remember for a long time. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to head back to

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